Full spectrum Hemp Balm


Our Alive & Kicking balm was originally formulated to help MMA fighters displace bruising and speed up their recovery time.
Our non-petroleum based Balm is formulated to absorb quickly, reducing your inflammation and relieving pain. Massage the balm into your skin after a heavy work out session and enjoy a faster recovery.
What people are saying
“I’m training for Ironman. I can’t lose a day and I need to be at my peak. Alive & Kicking’s Balm is the first thing I put on after a long training session. Well, after I shower of course.”
Joe V

“I’m a gym newbie. The post workout pain can be discouraging. I get so sore that I don’t want to go back in. I use the balm and massage it into my sore muscles to get some relief and it keeps me going.”
Jill L

Full spectrum Hemp Balm

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