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Weed Etiquette During a Pandemic

– Samantha Bray

Man Walking in MaskAhhh the pandemic. Blah blah blah. Are we sick of talking about it yet? Is it even a pandemic still? Or is it just how things be? Anyway, it’s obviously been a life and world changing thing that we are all still very much encompassed in and probably will be for quite some more time.

So…what has this meant for all us weed smokers and how we enjoy our beloved cannabis? Do we just smoke alone from now on? For some, that’s the only way we like to enjoy it, but for others, we live to smoke with our friends and sit and chill and laugh about nothing or something or everything.

Couple Wearing MasksUnfortunately, the social aspect of it has changed drastically as we try to avoid spreading germs by sharing things such as a joint or pipe or bong or anything in between. Luckily, there are still ways to smoke with our people and not infect each other with our nasty germs and droplets.

This one is obvious and was very popular at the beginning of the pandemic but get virtual! I actually can’t remember (…whoops, I wonder why) how many people I smoked with on Facetime, Zoom, Houseparty, etc on 420 back in April but it was a lot. Joints were lit and laughs were had. An abundance of safety meetings.

People FacetimingIt’s clearly not the same as meeting up in person and sharing joints and sitting and eating or whatever else people do but it does have its benefits. There is literally a zero % chance of contaminating each other. Another major benefit is that you can stay connected better with your people that are nowhere near you in the world or that you may have lost contact with. Also, you don’t need to leave your home! Yay!

Hand Holding TubeIf you must leave your home and to be honest, we probably should every now and then, bring your own pre-roll. The packs sold here at Alive & Kicking are actually perfect for this. Packs of micro slim joints pre-rolled for your convenience. Yes Please. Pinners, or PRDS (pre-rolled doobies, as my people call them). No one likes smoking a joint, putting it out, and relighting it. It stinks, it’s grimy and it’s gross and we all do it, but should we have to? I think not.

Obviously, we still need to wear a mask when possible and keep our distance, 6 feet or more at best. But, in this case, if we do want to meet up with someone in our little social bubble and have a smoke and a chat and all that good stuff, we can do it safely and with a peace of mind.

Now there is also the worry that many weed smokers have about their lungs during this time where a disease causing respiratory illness is sweeping our planet. A way to avoid smoking entirely while still being able to enjoy all the weeds is edibles.

Rolling a JoingNot for everyone of course, but no need for sharing things and contaminating each other, and no need to worry about our oh so precious lung capacity. We put our chest and lungs through enough over the years, so edibles could be a good way to change it up for bit, if you feel so inclined.

There are so many different types of edibles these days. Whether it be baked goods, beverages, gummies, lollipops, chocolates, you name it…guaranteed they’re at arm’s reach. They’re also easy to make at home if you can get your hands on the supplies.

Know your dosage and don’t take on more than you know can handle or you might end of having the worst day or night of your life so be careful. Be aware of how many mgs are in something. One cookie could have up to 200mg in it or could be a lower dose of 20mg. Huge difference there, folks!