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A review of a pack of Alive & Kicking CBD cigarettes
A breakdown of attributes for a pack of Alive & Kicking CBD Cigarettes
A hand holding a Alive & Kicking Slim CBD Cigarette
The front of a pack of Alive & Kicking Super Slim CBD Cigarettes
A review of a pack of Alive & Kicking CBD cigarettes
A breakdown of attributes for a pack of Alive & Kicking CBD Cigarettes
A hand holding a Alive & Kicking Slim CBD Cigarette
The front of a pack of Alive & Kicking Super Slim CBD Cigarettes
The front of a pack of Alive & Kicking Super Slim CBD Cigarettes
The front of a pack of Alive & Kicking Super Slim CBD Cigarettes
The front of a pack of Alive & Kicking Super Slim CBD Cigarettes
The front of a pack of Alive & Kicking Super Slim CBD Cigarettes

Slim CBD Hemp Cigarette Pre Rolls

(21 customer reviews)


Every pack of Alive & Kicking comes with 14 micro slim pre-rolls, each packed with a minimum of .35 grams of premium, lab tested CBD hemp.

Free shipping on all orders over $19 because we like you.

Save precious moolah when you buy bundles.

The Pre-rolls
Our pre-rolls are unique to say the least. They’re small, slender and just absolutely adorable if you ask us. But even though they’re tiny, they still pack a minimum of .35g of high grade, premium CBD hemp. Each pre-roll is perfectly sized for sessionable experience.

The Design
We designed our pre-rolls to look like cigarettes. Filter and all. Why? Because we wanted to provide a discreet experience for everyone. Whether you’re on the go or at home, these pre-rolls look like a regular old cigarette. Now, even though our pre-rolls look like cigarettes, rest assured that there’s absolutely no nicotine and no tobacco. These pre-rolls go in a convenient slim box that also has a slot for a small humidity pack. This ensures that the CBD hemp flower in your pre-rolls stays at the optimum humidity level and are fresh until you’re ready to enjoy them. Science is awesome, isn’t it?

The Flower
We only use the best premium CBD hemp flower sourced from reputable farms in the USA. So that means these things have no additives and the flower was organically grown. We hand pick WHOLE FLOWER to ensure that they’re no sticks, no stems, and no seeds. You’re never getting shake or trim. Thumbs up to that.

On the Menu
You can now select the flower for your pre-rolls. Woo! Here’s what’s currently on the menu:

T1 – Coming in at 17.5% CBD, T1 is known for its pungent citrus and berry forward notes and an earth and woody finish. T1 is perfect for those summer days when you want nothing more than a deep feeling of relaxation and a stress-less state of being.

Sour Pineapple – This limited run brings you as close as you can get to the beaches of Hawaii. Sail away all your worries with this fruity tropical strain that’s packed to the brim with terpenes.

*May contain THCa and Delta-9-THC under 0.3% per the 2018 Farm Bill legal limit

Always Lab Tested All our products are third party laboratory tested before it gets to you. So that means we make sure that all Alive & Kicking products don’t contain all that terrible yucky stuff like harmful metals, pesticide, mold, fungus or other toxins. This also ensures that all products are tested so you’re getting the right amount of CBD and also the legal amount of THC that we’re allowed. On the back of every pack, you’ll see a label with all sorts of fancy words from our lawyers but also Batch Numbers and information. We encourage you to look at our COA’s and test results HERE. Its obvious but we’ll just have to say it: You must be 21 or older to purchase or consume these products. The statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The efficacy of these products has not been confirmed by FDA-approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. All information presented here is not meant as a substitute for or alternative to information from health care practitioners. Please consult your health care professional about potential interactions or other possible complications before using any product. The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act require this notice. Warning: Cancer and reproductive harm.

21 reviews for Slim CBD Hemp Cigarette Pre Rolls

  1. Ethan (verified owner)

    Man I really want to like these but can’t. The branding, packaging, and even cigarette style prerolls hit all the marks for me. The issue comes when actually smoking the things. They are sooooo tight that getting any smoke out is extremely difficult. Because of this they also run terribly. I think the filters unfortunately mess these up a good bit.

  2. Rebecca Cheeks Soule (verified owner)

    2 years later and Samantha Clarke’s review is still spot on- which means the quality of this product is holding and that in and of itself is impressive. I’m finished searching for the perfect alternative smoke.

  3. Reagan (verified owner)

    I ADROE these. I’m super picky when it comes to CBD and these are hands down, the best I’ve tried. Shipping was fast, branding is incredible, and the pre-rolls are the perfect size. My gf also tried them and loved it as well! So much so that she keeps stealing mine. I never write reviews, but I’ll write one for these any day.

  4. VICTORIA (verified owner)

    The Best CBD cigarette on the market hands down.

  5. Irene Savage

    I acquired the kush hemp one through a delivery service. I honestly loved the size and how smooth it smoked. I’ve shared and recommended it to friends.

  6. Samantha Clarke (verified owner)

    1. adorable design, simple but sweet aesthetic. i get a little warm inside every time i see those little capybaras.

    2. incredibly well-designed functionally too; thick, good quality boxes, the tab doesn’t wear out easily, and the dividers inside help keep the joints from rolling around and crushing each other when they get low. honestly the whole design gives me a similar autistic satisfaction as the fancy Crayola boxes did as a kid.

    3. the taste is very pleasant, and they seem to be legit in their claims of quality. i’m from Oregon and have a pretty good amount (and range) of experience with cannabis including smokable hemp, if that gives you some frame of reference for the value of my anecdotal input.

    4. for anyone curious about the comparison, these beat Kushy Dreams by a mile in every category… especially quality and taste.

    5. the size of these minis is exactly perfect. i hope they never stop making them. 1/2 to a whole one is a perfect serving for one person, and it’s really nice to have one to yourself. the culture of sharing/passing with thc-dominant strains makes sense to me, given the profile of effects, but with cbd-dominant strains i’m using them to relax, rest, or relieve anxiety, which means i’m probably smoking alone. i suspect most other people experience this difference as well. i also have mild asthma and my lungs generally do better with a tiny roll, or a pipe with a tiny hole in the bowl, which i’ve always assumed is due to receiving a smaller and more controlled amount of smoke into my lungs at once, and these are perfect for that need as well.

    6. last but not least, these are really reasonably priced, especially with a subscription. for example, Kushy Dreams is currently selling a 5-pack of half-gram pre-rolls (2.5 g total) for $40, which is a little under $13/g. These, at 4.2 g total (at least; the ones i got were 5 g) for $29, are $5.80/g to $6.90/g. With the subscription, at $20 each, that drops further to $4/g to $4.76/g!

    i don’t usually go to this much trouble to leave a thorough product review. in fact, i don’t usually leave product reviews at all. but i haven’t been this impressed in a long time, and i like these so much i want to make sure i do everything i can to keep the company around and producing them. many thanks to the producers, especially the people doing the grind work in the production process from growers to trimmers to packagers. i’m really grateful for these!

  7. Stephanie Godinez (verified owner)

    I tried a couple other pre rolls these are my favorite. While they are tiny, one goes a long way! The lifter helps so much when I wake up feeling anxious…it really helps my overall mood for the day. I have tried cbd flower from other vendors smoking out of a glass piece but I always come back to these.
    I cut the filters since they are too long.

  8. Kenneth Fibbe (verified owner)

    Amazing stuff here! Like that it looks and smoke just like a slim cig. good taste too. even better customer service!

  9. Sheena Harris

    I’ve been eyeballing hemp smokes for a while now, and finally gave one of these a shot. Have to say, totally impressed! Had a bad case of motion sickness after a long car ride and figured no better time to test out therapeutic qualities. No joke, 10 minutes and my nausea was practically gone! Smokes were an easy drag, packed just right, and love the size. Only smoked half, but was enough to help me out.

  10. Richard Forster

    I bought these to help me quit smoking cigarettes. These are reallllllly small. I wish they were a little bigger but overall, really good smokes.

  11. Vik P

    Even with a shipping delay (not their fault), I still give this 5 stars. Customer service is amazing. They tracked a delayed package and got me my CBD quickly afterwards

  12. Joe V.

    I love how I don’t have to share these! I’ve always hated passing rolls. Now when someone wants to share, I just hand them their own. 

  13. Jorge G

    I smoke and vape a lot of cannabis and CBD . I tried these out and was really surprised how much I liked them. At first glance, you dont think youre going to be satisfied but after I smoked one of these pre-rolls, I was relaxed and felt like it was actually just the right amount. Im going to try their flower next.

  14. JR

    They’re ok. I didn’t feel anything.

  15. lauren mcdowell

    better than redwood and better than plain jane. These pre-rolls are filled with real hemp. I get alot of sticks and seeds with other cbd cigs. I prefer these.

  16. ERIN

    Adorable hemp cigarettes. I love them!

  17. Kim Bennett

    It’s nice but i wish they would make bigger cigarette sizes.

  18. Michelle Wakefield

    I received order very quickly. They ship quick. I enjoyed these CBD cigarettes.

  19. Allen

    5/5. One of the best cbd cigarettes ive had. My friends who dont frequently smoke even liked them. Love the small size. Makes you feel you’re not over doing it.

  20. joshua m

    Bought a carton. My favorite cbd pre-roll. quality is worth the price.

  21. Jeff Ashton

    Love that these look just like a regular old cigarette. I can smoke at work and no one can really tell. I just have to make sure no one can smell it.

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