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We often get asked if smoking one of our hemp CBD slim pre-rolls or drinking our Nano CBD hemp liquid drink mix will cause a positive result on a drug test. Short answer – if you’re looking to smoke hemp flower (pre-rolls) it could cause a positive result, but if you consume CBD isolate (drink mix) there’s a strong possibility you’ll be in the clear. Let’s break it down and find out.

When it comes to hemp CBD flower, we use bud in our pre-rolls that is legal under the 2018 Farm Bill. The 2018 Farm Bill changed the status of hemp from a Schedule 1 drug to being legal for commercial/industrial growth. In order for hemp flower to be compliant it needs to test under 0.3% of Delta-9-THC.

What is Delta-9-THC? Well, Delta-9-THC is the cannabinoid that is responsible for the psychoactive effects of cannabis. Among a plethora of benefits, Delta-9 is responsible for treatment of chronic pain and aiding in appetite stimulation. This is the cannabinoid most people associate with cannabis – it’s the part of the plant that gets you high. Beyond that, there’s a ton of different cannabinoids that have a whole host of potential beneficial properties. Some of these cannabinoids include CBD, CBDa, THC, THCa, Delta-8-THC, CBN, CBG, and CBC.
Cannabinoid Chemicals

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Everyday we seem to learn more about the complex nature of this plant. For example, there’s been a large growth in production of both CBN and CBG focused cannabis flower. People are finding that these plants are providing very specific treatments.

For example, THC turns into CBN which is a great cannabinoid for sleep. You’ll often hear about letting flower mature on the plant will turn it brown – this could likely be the THC in the plant turning into CBN. They’ve found that CBN can still have mild psychoactive effects, but that the powerful sleep enhancing effect is more dominate than the traditional THC focused psychoactive effects.

With CBG based flower, they’re finding that it binds easier with the CB1 & CB2 receptors compared to CBD – so potentially you have the same benefits as CBD but the cannabinoid binds easier. There’s been a huge growth in segment and we carry CBG hemp flower on our site. 

For us, we’ve focused primarily on CBD Hemp pre-rolls, but that hasn’t stopped us from searching for flower that’s high in other cannabinoids. We find that it’s a combination of all these elements that give you the best entourage effect. The entourage effect is when you smoke flower rich in different cannabinoids and how they work synergistically to provide the most optimum benefits.

Identify Health Drug Kit
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So now onto drug tests. Since we use flower that has a mix of cannabinoids, there’s a real possibility that one of these might cause a positive result on a test. We often like to reference this study done by John Hopkins. In the study, they tested 6 participants who smoked hemp via a vape. The vape they were smoking included delta-9-THC testing at 0.39%, which is 0.09% over the legal limit. They paired this with others who smoked pure CBD, people who took pure CBD pills, and people on placebos.

They found that the participants who had the CBD vape with delta-9-THC in it tested positive on their drug test. The others who smoked pure CBD, took the pure CBD pill, and on placebo all tested negative. It looks as though all of the of delta-9-THC use within the hemp based high CBD low THC vape pen caused a positive result.

Our Nano Hemp CBD Liquid Drink Mix is CBD isolate based, meaning all the THC has been stripped out, but even with this there’s still a catch though. According to this paper on “Identification of Psychoactive Degradants of Cannabidiol in Simulated Gastric and Physiological Fluid” there is a small possibility that CBD can turn into THC within acid enviroments. This means that if you take oil, drink mixes, pills, etc. that are CBD isolate based, there’s a slight chance it could change into THC and subsequently have you fail on your urine drug test. 

Knowing this, if you’re subjected to urine tests, it’s important that you’re aware of what can potentially create a positive result. While we want everyone to try our CBD hemp pre-rolls and drink mix, and we understand if it’s not for you or you can’t enjoy because of drug tests. In this situation, if you’re interested in trying a CBD product where you’re less likely to fail a drug test, make sure it’s CBD isolate based and doesn’t include any delta-9-THC at all like our drink mix. If you, however, don’t have to take drug tests, then join us in firing up one of our delicious hemp CBD slim pre-rolls.