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Special Sauce Strain Review

Special Sauce Hemp FlowerINTRO & OVERALL NOTES
Much like your favorite cheeseburger joint, if you take a bunch of goodness and mix it all up together you end up creating a delicious special sauce. Alive & Kicking’s Special Sauce hemp CBD pre-rolls are the same. Hailing and grown in Southern Oregon, Special Sauce is known for its incredibly high CBD percentage, clocking in between 16% – 22%, and it’s unbelievably fragrant terpene profile. Earthy, woody, piney and a hint of citrus gives this CBD strain a one-two punch and will have you wishing you could put this sauce on everything.

Similar to all our other slim hemp CBD pre-rolls, this strain is 100% organically grown. Special Sauce is also highlighted by including just a pinch of CBG in its cannabinoid content it will help avoid some of the drowsing effects of other CBD strains. Special Sauce hemp flower is perfect for connoisseurs and novices.

Special Sauce Hemp Multi BudsAPPEARANCE & NOSE 
On first inspection, one notices the dark olive green buds contrasted by its bright orange stigmas. The tightly packed buds are covered in a layer of trichomes that give it a shiny polish much like the bumper of a 1952 Cadillac Series 62. While the nugs may be on the smaller size, it more than makes up for it in its rich and intricate aroma. As we packed our skinny CBD cigarettes with this Special Sauce strain, we could smell it through several closed doors. It creeps out and fills every nook and cranny with its complex fragrance.

Even though Special Sauce has myrcene (earthy), caryophyllene (peppery), and pinene (pine) dominant terpenes, it’s the bit of limonene (citrus) on the backend that helps to bring all the flavors together. Without that bit of citrus, Special Sauce could be too earthy and peppery. As soon as citrus enters the equation, the hoppy, earthy, musky, and piney aromas join together with a rich citrus scent to create a mixture that is truly representative of its name – a special sauce.

When smoked the Special Sauce strain is smooth and silky like butter. The earthy and piney notes smooth out the pepper flavor and help it avoid being to harsh on the throat. In our hemp CBD pre-rolls, Special Sauce burns well and creates a very pleasant experience. Being so high in CBD and rich in terpenes, Special Sauce quickly brings on a calming body effect that doesn’t impose on motivation. It’s not sedative, which makes it perfect for social engagement and overall socialization.

Special Sauce Hemp CBD top downWHO’S IT BEST FOR
Who’s it not good for? With its rich bouquet of fragrances, Special Sauce is perfect for novices and first time users who want something a little lighter on the throat. If you’re used to a more loud and bold feeling when you smoke, this could be a tad too light, but for people who are new to CBD and want something with a ton of flavor and mellow, then this is the strain for you.

Perfect for almost all daytime and evening occasions, this Special Sauce strain will help you avoid the agitating effects of life while potentially aiding in anxiety relief, help soothe any body pains, and boost overall mood.