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Breaking Down Our Drink Mix

Take it from us: the CBD market is pretty crazy at the moment. Oils, vapes, edibles, and way more– it’s easy to get lost in it all and find the product that’s right for you. At least, until now. In comes the newest member to the Alive & Kicking lineup, our Nano Hemp Liquid Drink Mix. One box comes with five light-reflective pouches each containing a vial of the hemp infused drink. This little guy packs a punch when you get down to it.

Why did you decide to make a drink mix?

Good question! Our core focus is to make things that make you feel awesome, simple as that. We want you to provide you with a variety of ways to get that feeling– whichever way floats your boat. The natural hemp infused drink mix lets you relax and feel the benefits of CBD without having to smoke. That’s not saying you can’t smoke our pre-rolls alongside sipping on our drink mix— you’re free to do whatever you want to make you feel your best. Our plant-based wellness drink combats your stress and just helps you relax, no matter when you need a moment of zen. Put it in your morning coffee, your afternoon smoothie, or your nighttime cocktail and you won’t be sacrificing taste in the slightest.

How does it work?
In comes the science-y stuff. To make the hemp infused CBD drink mix, we extract all the good qualities of hemp and break them down into small nanoparticles. Nanoparticles are exactly what they sound like: really, really small particles. This creates a water-soluble nanoemulsion, basically a dissolvable liquid, that can be mixed into any drink you want to create a mood-enhancing experience. One vial contains 15mg of the healthy hemp shot, a perfect amount to swirl around in any drink to make your day a little bit more awesome.

Is it the same as an oil?
No, it’s better. Hemp oils are tricky to mix into your drinks, they glob up and make it hard to actually enjoy what you’re drinking. On top of that, oils don’t absorb as quickly as our nano hemp liquid does. Since everything in the nanoemulsion is so tiny, it’s a seamless blend that just makes it easy for you to enjoy the benefits really fast. We’re talking 8x faster than your typical hemp oil. CBD itself is hydrophobic, meaning that it really hates to be mixed into water. Putting that into an oil and then into your drink gives you little to no benefit at all– you’re pretty much wasting your money when you buy oils. Numbers don’t lie: other brands of hemp oil have a 15% absorption rate, while ours has a solid 90% rate. We have an effectivity that stands out among other CBD drink mixes– you can read all about it, but why not give it a shot to see for yourself. The nano hemp liquid is a way better and higher quality delivery for the mood enhancing, de-stressing effects of CBD.

Why do I need it?
Different people enjoy different things. Our OG hemp pre-rolls are great, but smoking isn’t for everyone. That’s completely fine. Plant based wellness isn’t just in one product– we want to make something for everyone. Say your job doesn’t let you take smoke breaks, but you’ve had a killer day and need something to ease your mind. Pop open a vial of our premium quality hemp drink mix and take your day to the next level.You don’t have to be in a stressful situation to enjoy the relaxation drink– lounging in your pj’s while watching a corny rom-com would make for a perfect setting to enjoy it. It’s your call, we just make the stuff for you.

There you have it: a deep dive into the world of the Alive & Kicking Nano Hemp Liquid Drink Mix. Go ahead and check it out, we know you want to.