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CBD and Academics

Written By Emma Buehler

College is stressful enough, even without a deadly global pandemic. Honestly, it’s hard to make time for yourself while balancing a full course load with a social life and a job. You keep going and going until it becomes too much– I’ve admittedly fallen behind a ton this semester.
The solutions we seem to have right now are subpar. Smoking weed to chill out isn’t ideal a lot of the time for a college student, you’ll probably end up destroying a bag of chips instead of working on that ten page paper you’ve been putting off all week. Same thing with drinking– you’ll probably misspell every other word of your discussion post if you try to write it while a few cocktails deep. Is there anything a struggling college kid can do to relax while still being able to do schoolwork or attend class?
In comes the magical world of CBD. Picking the right product for you will absolutely help you unwind in times of stress. It’s perfect to get you through anything from cram study sessions to the driest three-hour lecture. I can testify– I’m probably the most anxious 21 year old you’ll ever meet. Blanket statement, but I’m pretty much terrified of everything. If something can relax me, it’s almost guaranteed to work for you. So, let’s find out what CBD product you’re missing out on to make your college experience a lot less anxiety-provoking and a lot more awesome.

Smokable CBD
Most campuses have designated smoking spots that you can easily enjoy a CBD slim hemp pre-roll at in a very inconspicuous way.If you’re about to go into a really stressful class or have a few minutes of break time, these are a perfect pick me up. A lot of people think CBD equals sleepiness, but that isn’t always the case. I would recommend the Lifter strain of Alive & Kicking’s pre-rolls for the perfect daytime smoke to ease your stress. It’ll give you the motivation to stay awake inside your boring lecture while simultaneously helping you not have a mental breakdown.
Some people think that getting high helps them socialize. I’m not knocking anyone, but I have no idea how that’s possible. If I smoke weed at a party with a ton of new people, there’s a good chance that I’ll be zoned out and in my own head the whole time. Smoking pure hemp CBD doesn’t give me that feeling, it actually helps ease some of the social anxiety I feel while meeting new people. Socializing with new people in college can be a bit daunting, but CBD can make that feel easier for you. It gives you a bit of a boost in confidence, but you won’t get a crazy head high. Passing around a CBD pre-roll cone in a sesh or at a party (post-COVID of course) would be a great way to meet some new people.

What if I Don’t Like Smoking?
I hear you. Plenty of people are against smoking, to each their own. Depending on your campus, you might not have a smoking area, either. A perfect solution for you would be some nano hemp liquid drink mix, a super potent liquid that I can’t say enough good things about.This is debatably the easiest way to feel the benefits of CBD, all you need is a drink to mix it into. I recommend this to help with test anxiety or anytime you can’t easily get up for a smoke break. It’s a discreet solution– no smell, no taste, no color. Your body absorbs the liquid really fast, so it provides relief from anxiety quite quickly.
My school’s got midterms going on right now, so I’ve been loving the drink mix to help me power through tests. It’s nice to get stress relief without having to take myself away from my work to go outside and smoke. Instead, I can have my textbook in one hand and CBD infused drink in the other.
Being a student can really suck sometimes. I’m guilty of just wallowing in my stress and doing nothing to better my situation, letting myself fall behind more and more. Integrating some plant-based wellness into my routine has helped me start to power through this semester. Doing the same could help prevent you from the stress caused by classes, professors, the pandemic raging across the globe, anything.