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UPDATE: You sold us out of our free pre-rolls! We hope you enjoyed and we can be back with free pre-rolls soon!

Capybara in Hot SpringsTHIS IS THE ALIVE & KICKING WAY

For a while now, we’ve been thinking about how we can best spread the joy of being Alive & Kicking. To us, Alive & Kicking is way more than just a brand name – it’s an ethos. It’s what we live by and it’s what we strive for as a business. Life has its moments – both good and bad. Sometimes it’s about going out and seeking adventure. Sometimes it’s about staying out into the wee hours of the night with friends. Other times it’s about finding a nice shady spot by the pool on a hot summer’s day. And for even others it’s about sitting on the couch and fully enjoying the movie they’re watching. Being Alive & Kicking to us means living life to the fullest in whatever way that takes form to the person experiencing it.

Not only is it imperative that we live a life that’s Alive & Kicking, it’s our goal to help spread the mentality and our ethos. So how best can we do that? We thought long and hard about this. After a couple of days and a few good ideas, we decided to amp it up and spend a couple of more days doing handstands hoping that all the blood rushing to our heads might spark some creativity. One of those blood-rushed ideas included a complicated head-rig like the one Doc Brown wore in Back to the Future. The intention of the head-rig was that it could help capture the average mental state of a capybara and distill it into an elixir that one could drink. After turning right-side up we realized that would be waaaaay too difficult. Instead, we decided why not try something simpler? Let’s give away a single hemp pre-roll to anyone who wants one (anyone being over the age of 21 of course).



We want to give you one of our slim hemp CBD pre-rolls for free. No charge – nada – nothing. Absolutely free. We won’t even charge you shipping? Why? Because we want you to experience just how good it feels to be Alive & Kicking. Feel how great it is to take the world by storm or put a dent in that pool lounge if you’d prefer that instead.

If you swing by our Free CBD Pre-Roll page, you can add one of our super slim CBD cigarettes to your cart. All we need is your address at check out and soon you’ll have a single one of our .3g whole flower CBD hemp pre-roll shipped to you and shortly in your hands. Take it out into the world or don’t. Either way, try it and let us know what you think. If you like it, we’re here if you ever want more. If you don’t like it, that’s cool too – not everything is for everyone. Either way, hopefully it makes your day a little brighter.

Speaking of brighter, who doesn’t like free things? There’s absolutely no cost to you. We thought about charging for shipping, but then that wouldn’t be very Alive & Kicking of us. That would be more Boring & Sleepy and we don’t want to be like those other brands. We want to provide value to your life and help enhance it in any way possible. There’s nothing better than free stuff and we’re giving away free hemp pre-rolls filled with whole flower.



Did we ever tell you about how we manicure our flower? A lot of other brands throw trim into a blender, pulverize, and throw into pre-rolls. When you smoke these other pre-rolls, you’ll hear snaps, crackles, and pops. That’s a sign that you’ve purchased an inferior product. To us, quality is king and we want to prove that to you. We spend hours manicuring our flower before we meticulously grind it down. This means we purchase nothing but the finest flower and then pick out anything that could be considered a stem. We’ll go through each bud and rip off all the flower before it even comes closer to a mill. Just like you’d do at home, the same care goes into our pre-rolls. One thing that we’ve always prided ourselves on is our quality and now we can prove it to you at no cost. Go request one of our free CBD cigarettes and we’ll get it in the mail as fast as we can.



Ever want to compare how Alive & Kicking compares to other CBD brands? Now with our free hemp pre-roll program, you can try one yourself without any charge. Cut it open and compare the flower inside to others. Have a friend set up a blind tasting for you – maybe they hand you different lit pre-rolls so you can taste the difference. Doing so will cost you nothing – there’s absolutely no charge from our end for you to taste the difference. We’re happy to provide one of our slim pre-rolls for free.

So enough rambling on about how much you’ll like the free pre-rolls. Instead, go checkout today. Here’s the link. Again, no catches. Just a free pre-roll to anyone who wants one. Enjoy!