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We love the world of hemp CBD cannabis flower. Every day we make more of our CBD pre-rolls and we get the opportunity to touch, feel, and smell this amazing plant. Even though there’s no delta9 THC, it’s still so wonderfully aromatic. The terpenes on CBD cannabis flower can be just as potent as THC based flower. Ryan, my co-founder, loves to walk into a room filled with cannabis. He finds the smell intoxicating. It’s something about the smell. That smell just gives life to the plant. It grounds you. It draws you in. It heightens the senses. It also gives way to really interesting names.

I remember one time when we were starting this crazy adventure, Ryan and I had the opportunity to visit a farm up in Humboldt. We walked into greenhouse after greenhouse and one of them knocked my socks off. The cannabis in there was filled with a blueberry strain.

It was insane how intense the smell was. Out of all the times I’ve eaten blueberries in all their forms, muffins, sweets, etc., I’ve never smelled anything more blueberry-y. The name really reflected the strain and smell – blueberry pie. It took me right back to my grandmother’s kitchen making blueberry pies – one of the amazing pies she’d make along with lemon meringue and pumpkin.

Smelling the Kush Hemp that we’re working with made me think of all the other wonderful smells and strains out there. So, on a fun note, we thought we’d put together a list of a couple of our favorite CBD strain names, some of which we’d love to put in our CBD hemp pre-rolls one day.

Hawaiian Haze
This name just conjures up those lazy days on the beach in Kauai. Feet in the sand, plate lunch in the belly, and a joint in the hand. Just a hazy hawaiian kind of day. Just like that description, Hawaiian Haze is supposed to help relax and silence your day. Sweet to earthy to sweet, the flavor of hawaiian haze is akin to tropical fruit with a bit of bitterness on the end.

Sunset Road Sherbet
I mean, does it get any better than this? Extremely high in CBD, this cannabis strain is a mix of T1 Trump and Cannatonic resulting in a full body mellow. Just like the name, the flavor allows you to let the stress of the day get carried away down a sweet citrusy road.

Ringo’s Gift
Truely, a gift to the world of CBD cannabis. Named for Lawrence Ringo, a pioneer of CBD breeding, Ringo’s Gift is a cross between Harle-Tsu and ACDC and can see ratios up to 24:1. Perfect for smokable CBD flower, this earthy strain has nuances of pine, mint, and citrus.