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Hawaiian Haze Strain Review

We’re on island time, baby. Okay, please don’t exit the review now– I know that was probably one of the corniest things you’ve ever read. We can’t lie, though. Hawaiian Haze CBD Flower is a tropical delight that’ll transport you to sunny weather no matter where you’re at.
Grown in Oregon, this sativa strain provides a non-sleepy smoke that pretty much anyone can enjoy. With a solid 17% CBD, Hawaiian Haze conjures images of sunshine and sand from the moment you open the jar.

True to its name, Hawaiian Haze smells like you’re being served a tropical fruit platter while you relax by the ocean. Mango, pineapple, and papaya dance together with the familiar smell of earth and pine. It’s intoxicating and warm, making you excited to smoke once you take the lid off the cap. I don’t like to play favorites, but I really love the unique scent of this strain.
The buds are a nice mellow green with hints of purple-y orange stigmas. They’re packed tightly with curly trichomes that swirl around the buds. It’s easy to get lost in examining the structure– all the curls packed in so intricately, weaving in and around each other.

After smoking some Hawaiian Haze CBD flower in my trusty pipe, I quickly felt the benefits. This strain is known for its uplifting qualities, which I can attest to. It’s not a sleepy smoke at all, it just made me feel pretty damn happy and upbeat. I’m talkative to begin with, but smoking Hawaiian Haze really amplified this part of my personality. It helped me get some extra participation points in the Zoom class I had a few minutes after I finished my bowl.
Don’t worry about an anxious high, though. Just because it’s more of an energizing strain doesn’t mean you’ll freak out– it’ll just give you some extra confidence to put yourself out there.

Hawaiian Haze would be perfect to help you through your next painful social situation. If you suffer from social anxiety and are dreading going to a party, look no further than the wonders of Hawaiian Haze. You’ll be active and in control, just a more social and upbeat version of yourself.
If you’ve found other CBD strains to be too sleepy but still enjoy their relaxing benefits, you’d absolutely love Hawaiian Haze. Smoking this strain gives you the energy to get through your day without anxiety creeping in. It’s a great smoke guaranteed to send you off to a tropical paradise