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Top 4 Ways CBD Can Make you Feel

by Paulo Pangilinan

CBD-rich hemp is quickly becoming one of the most popular home remedy options, yet with this rise in popularity also comes a rise in misconceptions. One of the most popular misconceptions about CBD is about how it makes you feel. CBD does not get you “high”. But much like its cannabinoid cousin THC, CBD-hemp can still provide a multitude of beneficial effects ranging from pain, anxiety and stress relief, and even substance abuse prevention. It’s uses are so diverse it’s hard to believe, but trust me it’s true. With just a few CBD pre-rolled joints, ointments, or topicals a week you can experience the benefits of CBD.

CBD can be used to alleviate pain by influencing your body’s own endocannabinoid system. To keep it simple, this system helps your body regulate things like sleep, pain, and appetite. Studies show that CBD can be used to alleviate chronic pain by reducing inflammation. CBD-rich hemp topicals and CBD oils have been marketed to be effective relief and fast-acting, but they’re not the fastest. Smoking CBD in its flower form is the fastest acting method of consumption. It typically produces results within 5-10 minutes of inhalation whereas even the fastest acting CBD topical cream can take up to an hour. Hemp CBD pre-rolls are my personal preference for consumption of my CBD medication because of its quick acting time and convenience. I used to suffer from a lack of sleep, averaging practically three and a half hours a night before I started using CBD.

CBD can be an effective sleeping aid and research shows that it can be used to combat insomnia. As an avid CBD user myself, I can attest to its effectiveness in that regard. For me personally, this is the most important benefit of CBD as I’ve struggled with getting good sleep for years. Now, my normal night routine consists of finishing whatever work I have left, pouring myself some iced water, and smoking a CBD pre-roll (my favorite brand is Alive & Kicking). It gives me a wave of calmness that helps me loosen up and untense myself. My mind is normally running at 100mph so having this nice almost something like a breathing exercise combined with the effects of the CBD pre-roll helps put me to sleep. It’s a super effective relaxant that doesn’t feel that strong but works well.

A poll conducted by Gallup in 2019 reported that on average, Americans were more stressed than any other citizen of any country in the world. Stress affects everyone at all levels and it’s important to maintain it and keep it low as possible. We all know what high levels of stress can do to the body; back problems, joint issues, sore muscles, fatigue, and just a multitude of other more severe ailments. CBD can be used to relieve stress for practically the same reason CBD is effective for anxiety relief. One of its strongest effects is its calming effects and there’s even been a rise in pet-related CBD products. CBD oils have become effective stress remedies for even household pets like dogs and cats; it’s incredibly versatile.

CBD can be used to quit smoking tobacco or other nicotine products. CBD-rich hemp flowers are becoming more and more commonly used to combat the addictiveness of nicotine products. CBD has shown that it can modify brain circuits related to addiction and researchers found that CBD was effective in reducing morphine dependence in mice. People looking to quit tobacco are consciously choosing CBD pre-rolls as a healthier alternative. Most smokers enjoy the process and action of smoking, and for them, CBD pre-rolls provide a wonderful alternative that allows them to ease into the process of quitting nicotine. For those who feel they may want to smoke CBD as a placebo for cigarettes may want to look for CBD-rich hemp pre-roll cigarettes such as these that you can find on Amazon. It’s important to find the best products that are using the best ingredients when it comes to using CBD pre-rolls. Visit the websites of any brand you may purchase and try to figure out how well they care about their own products. Care is shown in quality.

The most effective medicine is rest of course, but when it’s hard to get rest, CBD-rich hemp products, especially CBD pre-rolls are a nice option to help you unwind. The world is so fast-paced and sometimes it feels impossible to wind down and relax with all that’s going on. However CBD and its multifaceted benefits have helped me slow things down and keep a level mind. I encourage you out there to try out some CBD or a CBD hemp pre-roll and help your body relieve itself of stress, pain, and anxiety.