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Top 5 hemp CBD pre-rolls

You know by now that we’re the makers of some fine hemp based CBD pre-rolls. Our pre-rolls are super skinny with a unique form factor. One important part about starting a company is to review your competitors, so we did just that.

We went out into the world and dove deep on the interwebs to purchase a whole bunch of different hemp CBD pre-rolls. We bought some that were cones, others that used paper cigarette tubes, we tried ones that had blunt wraps, some that had crutches and others that had filters, we tried them all! When all was said and done, we ultimately had a great time and a lot of fun. We did a similar exercise when we looked at our form factor – pre-roll cones versus pre-roll tubes, pre-roll filters vs pre-roll crutches, etc., but this time everything was already filled and all we had to do was sit back, light up, and enjoy it.

Ranking hemp CBD pre-rolls is tough. What makes one better than the other? Is it the style of the tube or how it draws? Is it what types of flower the company uses? Is it how it smokes and the experience one has? It is the packaging and design? Is it what the brand stands for? There’s so many unique factors that go into ranking our top 5 hemp CBD pre-rolls.

To best break this down, we decided to base our top 5 on 5 different criterias:

  1. Size
  2. Flower
  3. Branding/Packaging
  4. Experience
  5. Overall

Without further ado, here’s our top 5:

Best size:

We tried everything from 1.5g to .25 cones, and we found ourselves more partial to smaller pre-rolls. It’s not every day that I’m looking for a 30 minute smoke session. Sometimes that’s nice. Sit back with a 1.5g cone, light it up and really take a moment with the world. Smoke it and smoke it and smoke it. Ultimately, a smaller sizes was more preferable for us. We liked being more casual and conversational with it and friends. Based on that, we give the nod to Alive & Kicking hemp CBD pre-rolls. Our slim tubes were the perfect amount!

2 hemp CBD pre-rolls

Best flower:

Pretty much most of the higher quality pre-rolls had great flavor and effect. We tried a couple who had some stems and seeds in them and you could clearly hear the pops and cracks. Then we tried a couple that had organically grown hemp CBD flower and what a difference. Nothing beats high quality hemp CBD flower. But, since this we’re partial to the flower we have, we’ll give it to ourselves again. Alive & Kicking hemp CBD pre-rolls for the win!

Best Branding/Packaging:

Now this one was tough. There’s some good options out there, and there’s some really, really terrible ones. A lot of traditional cigarette style boxes with anything from 5-20 pre-rolls per box. Some great design and some not so great. At the end of the day, can anything really beat a bunch of capybaras hanging out by the water? Plus bright cobalt blue? Come on. Alive & Kicking hemp CBD pre-rolls sweeps the round!

Best Experience

Honestly, most of the experiences were pleasant. There were a couple where when we opened the pack half the flower fell out of the pre-roll. That was pretty disappointing. But for the ones in tack, they were all mostly good. Some oversmoked, some were packed too tight, and others were just right. All in all, we’re a self-promoting crew, so Alive & Kicking takes home the medal!

Best Overall

Overall, Alive & Kicking hemp CBD pre-rolls sweeps this category. Never ever in the history of mankind have we seen anything like this. Better than sliced bread. My oh my, who makes this stuff? Oh wait, us? Yes! Alive & Kicking just dominated this blog post!

Thanks for having a bit of fun with us.