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Bubba Kush Strain Review

Bubba Kush is the perfect hemp CBD strain to light up at night and wash away any feelings of tension that arose during your day. I’m a pretty anxious person to begin with so it’s kinda hard for me to tell when something works, but I felt my worries drift away in each puff I exhaled. If you’re someone who needs to pop a melatonin gummy or two in order to sleep, Bubba Kush is exactly what you need.

An indica-heavy flower from Southern Oregon, Bubba Kush hemp flower makes for a great smoke experience. Much like all of our other slim CBD pre-rolls, Bubba Kush is grown organically. Clocking at just over 18% CBD, it’s robust and heavy, but not too overpowering– dreamy is the best word that comes to mind, since you’ll be transported to a place of pure bliss from it. This is a nighttime smoke that almost anyone can enjoy.

I won’t lie: Bubba Kush is loud. Not the kind of skunky, musty loud you might be used to, though. The CBD flower carries a deep aroma– a bit woody, a bit earthy, coming together to soothe your senses. It’s reminiscent of a lush, serene forest. The crisp air from the tall trees wafting through your lungs, allowing you to fully relax and take in the scenery. The scent really sets the tone for the experience that this hemp flower provides.

Hues of mossy green are apparent throughout the buds, going hand in hand with the earthy scent. When you look closer, you’ll be struck by the little orange stigmas that peek out. The buds are tightly packed and, honestly, just masterpieces.

Lighting up a slim hemp pre-roll filled with Bubba Kush set me up for a really relaxing night. I smoked it on my snow covered deck in New Jersey and instantly felt warmed up. The pre-rolls pack a perfect amount to feel the effects of the CBD flower without going overboard. Once I finished, I went back inside and felt it hit me pretty quick. Bubba Kush is known for its relaxing properties– the first thing I felt was the classic heavy eyes. It relieved a lot of the tension within my body, especially within my head. I wasn’t stoned by any means, but I was chilled out on my couch watching TV for a decent amount of time.

I also smoked a pre-roll before going to sleep one night to really test the hemp flower’s relaxation power. I have pretty bad sleep issues, so I’m always looking for a new remedy to help me. Truthfully, I don’t have any memory of trying to fall asleep that night– I was pretty much out once my head hit the pillow. Prepare for some killer relaxation with this strain.

Bubba Kush is the perfect nighttime smoke for pretty much anyone. Anxious minds don’t have to worry– you won’t feel like you’re dead if you smoke this indica-heavy flower. Any worries or pain get exhaled with each puff, allowing you to truly relax and enjoy your night. Can’t stop tossing and turning for some reason? Go outside, light up a Bubba Kush hemp pre-roll, look up at the stars, and chill out.

Just don’t fall asleep while you’re out there.