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Lifter Strain Review

Lifter Hemp CBD Flower Close upINTRO & OVERALL NOTES
When I first tried the hemp CBD Lifter strain, I felt like it kept lifting me higher and higher like the Statue of Liberty walking down the street in Ghostbusters 2. It provided me with a really balanced and controlled feeling, but then, before I knew it, an energetic buzz snuck in. It helped to lift my mood and, the best way I can put it is, relax my soul. It hit the core of me and just washed away all the worries.

Lifter recently took home the first place award for Top CBD entry at the 2020 Golden Grow. The 2020 Golden Grow competition highlights farms and strains grown in and around Oregon. The Lifter strain we pack into our CBD cigarettes hails from Southern Oregon and is the same iconic strain and a favorite among growers. Known for being a high CBD flower, Lifter’s sweet and sour profile is perfect for daytime or any time you can get close to a body of water.

When I first opened up a bag of Lifter, the scent flew up and punched me right in the nose. It triggered a memory I didn’t know I had – one sitting on a beach eating a bowl of tropical fruits and citrus. Then, as I took a second whiff, I discovered this hint of gas. That gas on the backend is what helped to ignite it in my nose. It’s a perfect blend of the two and results in an intoxicating aroma.

After calming down from the fragrance, I inspected the flower to find dense buds that were mixed with forest and lime greens. As we delved further, we saw hints of purple and beautiful glistening trichomes that sparkle as you move the flower. It’s a really pretty high CBD strain as it’s so colorful and well developed. Between the aroma and the bud structure, we can see why this is a favorite among growers.

After we lit up one of our slim CBD pre-rolls filled with the Lifter strain, we couldn’t put it down. Even though our pre-rolls are only filled with .3g of flower per pre-roll, it was enough to give us an uplifting and energized effect that then slowly calmed down and became ultra-relaxing. We had full cognition, but between the buzz and relaxation we felt at complete peace. It didn’t make us drowsy or want to sleep, but helped to clear away negative thoughts and emotions and ease the stress of the day.

This high CBD Lifter strain is a total mood changer. It helps to keep you up, but relaxed. It won’t keep you down or sleepy, but help you hold your head high and face the day. We love it for daytime use since it’s super balanced. If it were up to us, we’d smoke it every day and chill by a body of water like a pool or the ocean. Lifter could help create the perfect day – a warm sunny day sitting in the shade next to a pool with a cold beverage in one hand and a pre-roll in the other. Can you imagine anything more relaxing than that?