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White CBG Hemp Flower Strain Review

Ahhhh, CBG flower. A minor cannabinoid. White puffy clouds of goodness. Speaking of which, why is CBG flower always so white? The trichomes aren’t transparent like a lot of other CBD and THC flower strains, and instead have this milky quality to them. It doesn’t seem to affect the smell, taste, or experience, it’s just a very unique quality to CBG flower strains.

Our White CBG hemp flower for sale is no different. Packed to the brim with trichomes and clocking in at 14.28% CBG, we’re loving this flower – so much so that lately we’ve been preferring it to THC or CBD dominant flower. Before you dive into this review, be sure to check out our full breakdown of what CBG flower is and why we think you’ll love it.

White CBG Hemp Flower Super Close TrichomesAPPEARANCE & NOSE 
As mentioned above, talk about trichomes. Our White CBG hemp strain glistens in the light and takes on this whitish hue throughout, but the one thing that stands out among the trichomes are the thousands of bright yellow to deep orange stigmas that cover these beautiful CBG nugs. These hairs fill. every. available. space.

Each bud is big in appearance but they’re not overly dense. Instead each cravase is filled with a plethora of hairs hiding between the minty green colored flower. This White CBG flower smells of sweet cream with the slightest of funk on the very, very backend. This is not like a George Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic funk, but like a pleasantly delicious cheese funk. Not cheesy, just a slight cheese funky.

While CBG flower may still lack a little in the terpene department, it more than makes up for it in effects. The first thing to hit me was an immediate and quick change in mental state. It provided this overall uplifting feeling – almost like I could feel any tension I was carrying in my trapezoids loosen up and lift up my whole body. It’s not at all a buzzing energy, but this more elevated feeling. Almost like I had a headshift without any kind of hazy feeling. I remained very clear headed with a sense of ease. It really helped to calm any feeling of anxiety that I was experiencing. There was a moment when I kind of stopped doing anything and just stared off into space thinking about nothing at all. It was very pleasant for someone who finds themselves in the constant hustle and bustle of everyday life.

This White CBG hemp flower is perfect for daytime use. It’s wonderful if you want to lighten up a bit, maybe rid yourself of some negative cobwebs or whatever uneasy feelings you’re holding onto. This would be an amazing flower to include in your yoga or meditative practice as it could help relax one’s headspace. This CBG strain helped soothe out anxiety I was feeling and it could potentially do that for other people. As always, experiences differ from person to person, but for me, I highly recommend this CBG hemp strain.

The possibilities are also endless with this strain. Think about the experience I had and then combine that with some high CBD strains. Having flower that’s high in CBG like this opens up some creative possibilities of blending. Taking some Special Sauce and mixing it with this White CBG could potentially send me to the moon.

We do have White CBG flower for sale here and highly recommend it.